Neel Shah Data Analyst and Business Analyst

About me

Knowledge is treasure, but practice is the key to it. - Thomas Fuller

Neel Shah is founder of godseyelab working on Bigdata analysis and Deep learning. Also, working on machine Learning and Deep Learning in Data analysis, NER and NLP. Previously, I worked in based startup) in Machine Learning ,and before that data analyst research intern at Panchamrut Dairy. I also worked as Independent Consultant for business analysis for Arjun Roadways. My key research interest area are Artificial intelligence, Data science, Business Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.(More informaition)

Mostly my work is on Python, R, MongoDB, MySQL, and Java. I also believe in Open-source coding and active coder on GitHub. I love Ubuntu as my main-OS(Sorry windows but ubuntu is a lightweight and open source!). But in free time, I like to do HTML, CSS and javascript coding.