Neel Shah Data Analyst and Business Analyst

The Notebook: By Nicholas Sparks

When I completed this book, the first thought comes to my mind was "What a beautiful story telling and creative writing". A story of love, bound, relation and dream of perfect life. Don't worry I will not tell you the story. But, if you have questions such as, What is love? or What is the boundary of love?, then Nicholas Sparks beautifully narrative all that answer very beautifully. How one girl falls in love with a young boy, but her family disagrees with her choice and her family decide her marriage with someone else. What happens at last, with whom she will spend her whole life for her affection of perfect life. If that young boy is her husband or one who was selected by the family will be her husband. For me, it is a rollercoaster of emotion. It is must read the book.

Special explanation for computer engineering:

	book = start
	while book != complete:
		if page < 50:
			return Typical start && confussing
		else if 50 < page < 200:
			return interesting && many.question 
		else if page > 200:
			return waitingTo.complete
			return confused
	if book == complete:
		return getAll.answer

By Neel Shah