Neel Shah Data Analyst and Business Analyst

Tough day for your Saheb

A small child was just starting to read words. He is very happy and always smiling Because he knows a person is always there. An old man, with thick specs, heavy voice and white hairs, in his eyes you can see decades of experience, and He is my grandfather. I remember, when they took me to school and stood there for the whole day till my class finish. I also remember a day when he taught me a lesson about "Karma" is the most important thing.He taught me to be tough and discipline in life. He taught me truth is more important than lie to make other people happy. All these lessons spend vital role in my character building. I always remember words he said:

" To run away is easy, but face the challenge and smile is important because the way you choose for the destination is important, not the destination for your inner peace -Vasudev Shah."

Thank you, Dada(Grandfather), will always miss you.

By Neel Shah