Neel Shah Data Analyst and Business Analyst

Resume :

Neel Shah


Research assistant - Lakehead University: From December-2017 to Present

  • Develop “Elasticsearch” on distributed server(20+ nodes) which handle query on 1TB within 1 min.
  • Working on Twitter data analysis project for health informatics.

Machine learning engineering: From April-2017 to September-2017

  • Developed NER functionality using NLP and without NLP with 95%+ efficiency.
  • Create back-end data analysis system for text analysis
  • Developed API which can handle thousands request per second.
  • Manage MongoDB database and optimization of it.

Independent Consultant at Arjun Roadways: From January-2016 to February-2017 Arjun Roadways

  • Find the current pattern of company services and customers using advance KNN and market basket analysis.
  • Increase the profit up to 10+% using sales patterns prediction.
  • Optimize operating cost using current spending pattern up to 5%.
  • Generate predicting report for a future contract, which helps to determine the exact service cost of a contract.

Data Analyst research Intern at Panchamrut Dairy: From July-2016 to March-2017 Panchamrut Dairy

  • Developed real time data analysis system which can handle 5 GB/S with a low-end server.
  • Worked on large scale API which handles 100GB of weekly data and analyzes it.
  • Finding customer buying pattern using market basket analysis.
  • Forcast sales pattern with 71% efficiency.
  • Analyzed current spending data and help to reduce cost up to 2%.


  • Scopus Analysis - 2017, IDLI

    • The main aim of this data analysis is to identify the ongoing research in Indian Universities and Indian Industry. It gives a basic answer about research source and trend with top authors and publication. It also shows the participation of Industry and Universities in research.Read more…
  • ARXIV Analysis - 2017, IDLI

    • We are doing this analysis for IDLI group. And analysis was done specially for Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence and related field only. We use around 24,000+ research paper dataset for data analysis.Read more…


M.Sci., Computer science; Lakehead University,Thunder bay (Canada)
M.E., Information Technology; Gujarat Technology University (Vadodara)

Thesis title: Searching on encrypted data(SED) Project: Car Parking System Using RFID Based on Arduino Seminar: ELLIPTIC CURVE DIFFIE HELLMAN: A key exchange protocol Seminar: Secret Sharing

B.E., Computer Science and Engineering; Gujarat Technology University (Vadodara)

Project: E-money for hyper market management services with barcode, RFID, Biometric identification and SMS notification


first-lang: Python, API using python and REST, R, Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Apache

Operating System: Linux-Server(Ubuntu Server), Linux(Ubuntu), Windows

Deep learning, Data science and ML: Data mining, Data cleaning, Data restructuring, Machine Leanring algorithm, NER algorithms, NLP systems(Paragraph learning),

Personal details

  • Human Languages:

    • English
    • Hindi
    • Gujarati
    • French(beginner)
  • Hobbies:

    • Reading Novel specially Fiction, Sci-Fiction, Love story, History.
    • Football
    • Writing poems